Secured Bonds?

Hello everyone, I'm trying to find secured bonds to invest in but I only found one in the chat. Am I the only one wanting security & accepting a lower return? Any pointers are highly appreciated, as well as any discussions on the topic.


  • I'll have a bash at answering this, but I'm not sure whether I will be helpful or not.

    A list of retail bonds can be found here:

    I guess if you have the time and energy you could go through them all. Regrettably what you will find is that yields are dire as the central banks keep printing so much money. By the time you've added in the spread and trading costs not much looks attractive imho.

    If you let us know what your target yield is, we may be able to help. I know some of us do own lower yield bonds but there's not much to discuss. They are slow and boring and low risk and nothing ever happens on them so need for discussion.

    One example, I own is LAD2, Ladbrookes which is owned by Entain. Current yield is about 1.7% and the bond matures in Sept 22. I see the risk on Entain going bust in the next 15 months as neglible.
  • Hello: You might take a look at Lend Invest - LIV1 and LIV2 - to judge whether the risk/security is acceptable to you. Both trading above par though and relatively short term
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    The trouble is that rock solid security usually means very low yield, so to get good yield from a decent credit quality, you almost need to rank lower in the security order.
  • Hi Security; We all have slightly differing views and opinions on here which makes for the strength of this site, but we all look for the same thing, security and the best returns we can. I personally am a fan of PIBS and they have been a part of my investments for 12 plus years. They are in the main towards the top of their price range but are close to the 6% yield. Maybe worth a look at if they fit your criteria. Happy hunting!
  • "Maybe worth a look at if they fit your criteria."

    But bear in mind that not all PIBS were created equal.
  • The yield on PIBS reflects the lack of security. Nothing wrong with that if that's your cup of tea, but my interpretation was that the poster was looking for something much lower risk.
  • no free lunch unfortunately
  • I have made some low risk bond purchases recently, eg LSE1 orb bond , I picked up for about 2.5% with about 8months to maturity, very low risk, very low yield (less than inflation).
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