So, HBR begins trading on the LSE @ 19p. Nothing on our PMO1 from A J Bell, as yet.


  • Personally, I find it astonishing that they are allowed to start trading without ensuring that all investors have received their allocations (or even know how many shares they have been allocated, in the case of those who applied for extra shares). It means that we are completely unable to manage our exposure. Just another example of retail investors being treated poorly. I have raised a regulatory complaint via HL, in the vain hope that the FCA might be alerted, and would encourage others to do the same.
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    Ahem, I wonder what will come of it
  • IMV complaining is likely to be counter productive. Regulators already consider retail investors to be incapable of understanding and a nuisance. In recent years the number of instruments that we can trade without taking on professional investor type status has reduced. Retail bonds are in their sights too. In any event are there any more less comforting words that "regulated by the FCA"?

    And still no news for us from A J Bell.
  • Nothing from HL either yet. Quite cute from the HBR perspective, stop paying us interest from 31/3 and avoid any extra selling pressure in the first couple of days of the share float by taking your time to issue the retail
    bond holders their shares.
  • I should have been clearer - I do so agree with hobgoblin. Given that nobody appears to have any clarity as yet, then surely this failure is down to Harbour.

    The new CEO is a woman, I think. Bad start for her. Very naughty girls and boys.
  • Well if the share price keeps falling, then there is the possibility of a class action from disgruntled investors who were unable to sell on launch. In the meantime, I suggest making your views known to Elizabeth Brooks, Investor Relations for Harbour Energy 020 7824 1116 [email protected]
  • Totally unacceptable. As many of us as possible should complain. You cannot be given shares and not be able to trade anything for +2 days when things are moving so much. FCA should be made aware if this.
    I'm with ii and nothing there yet (just a few old PMO shares renamed to HBR), but nothing regarding the consent solicitation.
  • I held some PMO shares with Equiniti and these are not showing as Habour Energy yet. They are just shown as PMO still with a value of 0p !!!
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    I've received mine in HL now and am able to trade them. Cash payment shown as 'cash due". Overall pretty happy with the return on the Premier Oil bonds that I bought, despite the late allocation debacle. Still think the company should have ensured they were allocated prior to the launch
  • Still nothing on mine. I went for standard cash and stock, but wife went max stock option. Nothing in either showing up. Both with ii
  • Equiniti now have my shares listed under HBR. Is it a coincidence that I emailed them just after my previous post !?
  • @Euro17

    It must have been because you emailed them. My shares with Eqi still not showing. Mind you I will be glad when ii take over them as I find there administration bad. Only last month when I sold one of my bonds they paid me the wrong interest amount. Good job I checked it. I called them and gave them what for. Net result was a full apology and a £50 credit. Another phone call is now imminent.

  • After a phone call to Eqi yesterday I was told that the bond cash and the shares would be added by end of business yesterday. The outcome was a coupon payment and shares added but no cash was added, anyone else have any further information, especially if it's with Eqi, thanks

  • HBR shares turned up on ii today, but No cash and No coupon. Bonds marked at zero. What a joke
  • Igor my shares and coupon yesterday with Eqi and was categorical that the cash would be added at close of business yesterday, it was not and still not this morning, as you say, a joke.

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    Shares and Coupon now. Still no sign of CASH. It's only been 7 days..........
  • Just received my cash from Eqi. £64.248 per £100 bond.

  • A J Bell say they are having to check every one prior to crediting accounts individually.

    It is hoped that all will be completed by end of the day Monday.

  • ii finally paid up cash as well today, so all settled finally. looks like max shares option turned out slightly better at current prices. Still cannot excuse 8 days to pay cash.....
  • After my complaint:
    As per the corporate action your account has been updated
    upon receipt of the proceeds but in some circumstances there may be delays in
    the proceeds being credited to us. This is why we advise to allow 10 working
    days for the update to take place. Furthermore, I can confirm that you should be able to see HBR shares under your
    investments now and they are able to be traded.
  • .. and now A J Bell are having login issues. Think they are beginning to lose it. Service levels not anywhere near as they were.
  • Help please...I selected the default option ie shares/cash. ...so for 5000 of pm01 what amount of shares and cash should I be credited. Thanks in advance
  • should be GBP 3212 plus GBP 98 coupon and 7948 shares if i use what I got
  • AJR....your figures relate to how many PMO1's you had?? so that I can use the maths to work out mine??
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    that's what i get if i use my allocations and apply it to your 5000 PMO1 i.e I have worked it out for you :)
  • Thanks AJR....you were well ahead of me and worked it out for me...Hope it helps others also who can substitute their holdings of PMO1 and work out their lot......
  • Received my lot from AJ Bell today . (coupon + HBR share allocation +cash)
  • Anyone with Barclays Stockbrokers?
    Received the cash from the return of capital today (finally) but no sign of the coupon or the HBR shares
  • I got HBR share allocation + cash, but no coupon yet.
    Is anybody aware to what exercise price the 2017 equity warrants are adjusted to?
  • An 'independent expert' was going to opine on this, but I haven't seem the conclusion yet, if indeed it has been done yet.
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