First Green Gilt (retail)

On the face of it, this looks as if it's going to be issued via the NSI's "Blackpool" register.
Reuters, amongsts other, suggest we should get more information on Wednesday. I can't help but think War Stock, maybe too cynical for my own good, but I'll be having a look at it either way. Maybe worth checking CS's about auction function. Even the Blackpool list fell under the control of the now defunt BofE registrars, so you never know.


  • Yes, let's keep an eye on it. The 5 year gilt benchmark yield has roughly doubled since the start of the year, the chickens are beginning to come home to roost, even if the BoE is buying most of the Gilts with money from the magic money tree. Some of that softness is beginning to feed through to the ORB market. Despite the fact that the Market Makers have disgracefully wide bid-offer spreads, rant over, sorry.
  • Agree with you Paddy. The spreads are outragous. I've been holding off these last couple of months waiting for prices to get to a reasonable level; restraint can sometimes be difficult !
  • Some of early commented suggested if HMG wanted to get this away it would require a higher coupon and might need to be a linker. That would be nice. ORB spreads *shudder* that's one of the reasons I've added unlisted debt to my portfolio. If it is availabe, on issue, via CS that would be my preference, then dematerialise if that's still a thing. Rant away, but given the small amount of issues on ORB, doubt it will change any time soon. Roll on Wednesday for the good (and bad) news.
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    On the subject of "green" investments. AMPIL 2 looks attractive, the debt vehicle of the former AIM listed AMPH. I wouldn't be surprised if we see AMPIL3 coming down the tracks.
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