Twenty Four Select

Not sure if this has been discussed here before (I couldn't find anything) so thought I'd post this in case it might be of interest to anyone.

Bought a fair few of these last year at an average of 85.50p including costs as it seemed a way to get exposure to a range of fixed assets that I wouldn't otherwise be able to (illiquid, high minimum lot sizes, overseas issuers etc.). They target a yield of 6% pa and pay out monthly, so it's quite nice to receive those payments regularly. Price has gone up since I purchased so maybe not quite as attractive now but I'll probably buy more if price droops. Average rating of holdings is BB- so bear that in mind.

Obviously, there's a management fee to be taken into account but I feel that's worth it for having someone who knows a lot more about this than I do and gives me access to a sector that I otherwise couldn't.

This is definitely not a recommendation - just something to research and I'd be very interested to hear anyone's thoughts.


  • Thanks Laughton for an interesting suggestion. Having had a look at the 'KID' I see it is classified as 'low-medium' risk and that it has been happily keeping to the 6% yield for some time, certainly a good track record going back many years. Apart from the blip around the first lockdown the share price has been distinctly 'boring'! Currently available with a 'buy' price on EQi of 92.9. EPIC code is SMIF for anyone else interested.
  • Almost 3 years ago I decided to slowly wean myself off of individual company prefs, bonds, PIBs etc, thes were one of my first investments.

    At the time it was (or had been !!) one of the "darlings" of its sector

    Its now sitting at about 7% down from what it was when I bought them.

    Has paid regularly as it said on the tin, and I will continue to hold

    Always grateful for any suggestions as to where to invest next, especially if it's a litle bit off piste

    That's enough metaphors for now

  • Thanks Laughton, geoffp and Wozz for heads up on this and will take a look see.
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