Paragon 6.00% 5/12/2020

Received an email from Equiniti today advising me the above bond had now matured and the original £1.00 per share would be credited to my account. However no mention of any final dividend payment. Am i right to believe that dividends were paid twice yearly in arrears


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    From the PAG1 Prospectus :

    'Interest rate: 6%. Interest will be paid in arrear on 5 March and 5 September each year with a final short
    coupon for the period from (and including) 5 September 2020 to (but excluding) 5 December 2020 paid
    on the Maturity Date. The first interest payment is due to be made on 5 September 2013, and the last
    interest payment is due to be made on the Maturity Date.'

    I am expecting a payment of about 3% to appear soon. I have often noticed that when bonds mature, the principle is repaid pretty sharpish, but the interest due takes a few more days.
  • That should , of course, be a payment of about 1.5%. Sorry !
  • iDealing credited principal and interest @ £1.51 per £100 yesterday.
  • Thanks everyone, an email last night seemed to do the trick..... intrest deposited in my account this afternoon
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