IPF £78m - 14/12/23



  • Arrived in my HL account this morning.
  • Yes got mine in HL this morning. Sent them a mail yesterday afternoon asking about whereabouts of the 0.5% and at time of writing still no reply (13.32 hours ). Glad I don't rely on them for all my finances.
  • I think they have this big folder where all the complaints about non-receipt of dividends etc. go and when it reaches a certain number they credit all the accounts;-)
  • Laughton-unfortunately I think you're right ( well that's how it feels ) and interesting to see very large sale of their own shares today by director/ founder. Even they have lost the faith !
  • It seems that if it's dividends or interest it all goes through smoothly. As soon as it becomes something slightly different it takes a while.

    I had the same issue on a corporate action where I'm guessing I might be the only shareholder they have on the register. They sorted it within 24 hours once I phoned them.
  • Hi there can anybody help me. When this voting bribe assome have referred to I did not fully understand it. I am with Eqi (Selftrade) and have a holding of £5K. The file they sent me said vote yes or no with the same outcome. I therefore thought it did not matter and there was no link to tell me where to vote anyway. Can anybody tell me how much cash I missed out on as I aim to follow this up for the second time. Also has anybody had any of this money from Eqi paid to them. They said on my first contact with them I should have sent a secure message to them as to which way I should vote. That was only after I called them and never as a link or included in the file they sent me. Thanks

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    Hi gt

    The consent solicitation document said that you needed to vote by 3 Nov in order to receive the 0.5% Early Voting Fee. It didn't matter whether you voted for or against as long as you voted.

    So by not voting it appears that you've missed out on 0.5% of £5,000 = £25.

    I'm not with Eqi so can't answer that part of your question. My holdings are with HL and YouInvest, and I received the fee from both of them in November.
  • Hi gtonsaffron12,
    I'm with Eqi and received a notification from them dated 20 October. I used the reply function to confirm that I wished to take option 1 (vote in favour) and received confirmation from them the next day that my "election to vote in favour has been recorded". The consent fee was then notified to me and paid on 13 November "Further to your election for the Bondholder Meeting we will be crediting your cash acount with the Consent Fee......"
    I have been with Eqi (Selftrade) for some years and find that a simple reply to their secure messages is normally confirmed without problem within no more than a couple of days at most.
    Hope that helps.
  • Thanks Geoffp. After my call saying it wasn't clear where to reply they have seem fit to pay me anyway the fee of £25 this week Jan 2021. On reflection I di think that was good of them but next time I won't be caught out. I still think I link or directive would help. After all it's not there money they are giving away. Thanks guys.

  • Having recently come back in, thought the trading update this a.m. was okay. Still one to watch, though, I think.
  • See the ords price initially fell away but then picked up late on so guess quite a divide between the Bulls and Bears. I am happy with the bonds and if anything i'm a bit overweight in them so do need to be careful and watch all news/events.
  • Both ords and bonds up nicely today after latest updates on trading. So pleased I held on in there through darker times but still feel a bit nervous about these. Oh well only another 2.66 years of agony on the bonds !
  • Im in the same boat Sussexmade, but dont forget our agony has 7.75% for some pain killers
  • hind-you're right 7.75pct is like a chemical cosh that dampens down the general anxiety levels. Hope there's no major surgery needed down the line to redemption. Better check my meds in the meantime.
  • For once we have a bond which at 7.75% seems about appropriately priced for the risk. I have to say I've spent a long time dithering over whether to buy any more but I have to keep reminding myself it's always great when things are going well but not so great when they aren't.

    I'm not sure I'd want to be paying 104p but it's very comforting to see them trading above par.
  • As my riskiest individual bond I had in mind that if it ever went back above par I would sell. May possibly hang on nervously for the next coupon. The shares seem to have a bit of momentum after the results and up 57% year to date and 177% over the last year. Perhaps they will be ok until June!
  • frugal-here's hoping and beyond until maturity ( and possibly longer as there will be a possible extension ?! ).
  • CFO sold some 91,000 ords @ 131p a couple of days ago. Not a good look whatever the reason.
  • dandigirl-he also transferred 32000 odd to his wife so not a complete sell out but note he also sold some performance awarded shares as well a bit earlier. Another director also sold some of his awarded shares and also transferred some to his wife mid May. Interestingly the share price didn't budge at times of announcements so the market doesn't seem too concerned even though I am /you are. !
    Don't let it spoil your weekend, keep thinking of the coupon !
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