New Charity bond via Triodos Bank Crowdfunding platform

Came across this via a newsletter I receive.

I don't think it is one for me and I am not registered with the platform so I have no further details (could do without yet another log in!) Doesn't look like it will be widely tradeable other than possibly via the platform, although it could be backed by assets (property) and rent may be paid by government in the form of benefits. Could be of interest to somebody who wants to do the homework


  • On further analysis of the website seems they have loads of bonds. Don't know what the minimum investments are but could possibly get a diversified portfolio by investing a small amount in each and they are all ethical investments. Not convinced the rates compensate for the risks in all cases
  • Thanks Frugal for flagging this up but not for me either. Coupon is attractive and so is the term but almost certainly no easily tradeable aftermarket.
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    Yeah too many log-ins, they should outsource that to Google Sign-in Technology : )

    Bonds not being liquid is perfectly fine, you are lending money to someone, not gambling on an ipo pop or panic selling during an exogenous shock

    Minimum Amount of £100, 5.5Y, 5.25% all look okay, it is unsecured though

    I don't see any details of possible government backing, maybe an implicit support rather than an explicit guarantee

    For those who don't have the time to do the homework, maybe they could consider a minimum amount to start off for now

    Other Investment opportunities on the site looks closed after meeting the min raise, they probably had small minimum amounts to decrease the barrier to entry for new capital allocators

    Tridos seems to be doing some good work in ethical and sustainable finance

    They should publish some historical interest/default rate statistics to help capital allocators get a feel of how these ideas might play out in future >>

  • Since the Thera Trust issue, there's also been a Triodos Bank issue "Triodos Bank UK 4%" and it looks like Nottinghamshire YMCA will be raising at 6% soon. I backed the Thera Trust & Triodos issues in a very modest way. I thought it offered a little diversified bet against all the usual suspects. With the obvious ethical upside.
    I'm sure not for everyone, but it does offer a place to put smaller amounts of cash. Min. investments £100. In the past that kind of money would have ended up in p2p, Downing Crowd, Octopus Choice or WiseAlpha for me.This feels like just as good a home for that element of my "savings"!
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