Letter to Andrew Bailey

Dear Sir,
Could you please take the lead from the Fed and buy lots & lots of our retail bonds? You see, many of us don't wish to be left holding the bag. Would you be so kind as to start with Enquest & Premier Oil. They only have small debts, honest guv! Would you also, really get stuck into those Burford bonds? What does that short seller, Muddy Waters, know, eh? I'm sure that the valuations were absolutely fine. You'd be getting some really nice yields for the public coffers. What could possibly go wrong?

Yours etc, etc ....


  • Two out of three for me.
    Damn - the market's closed for the day - I'll have to wait until tomorrow to get some PMO1 before he takes your advice and the price shoots up :smiley:
  • Dear Mr Bailey Sir, as well as buying- in Enquest, Premier Oil and Burford ORB listed bonds would you please also consider the bargain of the century and a win win for tax payers- the company being Wasps. The price is very conducive and the bonus would be that the stadium can be used for all sorts of events/purposes least of all being a field hospital and as a sanatorium for the mental health care of current holders of the bonds. Our sanity has been sorely tested and we are hanging on a thread. Yours etc. etc.
    ( On behalf of current holders of whom thankfully I am not one at the moment ).
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    Fed is not buying retail bonds

    Public sector shouldn't be backstopping private investments, what's next, bail out every potential private sector bankruptcy

    Muddy Waters serves very important purpose, NMC Shareholders who would have heard MW warnings would have been well served

    They could try something on infrastructure or venture funding or special economic zones, anything that increases long term productivity of the economy, which would be more sustainable way for the public coffers -

  • Shotgun & Sussexmade,
    Completely unbelievable that we now have "rampers" on this professional bulletin board, fancy encouraging others to purchase bonds, in particular Andrew Bailey of the Bank of England!
    If you are not careful Mr Bailey might speak to his successor at the FCA, and have those who ramp up securities to be sent to the "fields of England" to pick fruit, that otherwise could go to waste!
    The bargain of the Century - Wasps! The stadium would make a useful Sanatorium for certain bond-holders and readers / users of professional forums!
    We must keep "Motivated" in these days of uncertainty, however not too much partying!
    Hope my colleagues on this forum are keeping well.
  • shaunm-I haven't been summonsed yet for fruit picking but the Mulberry tree in my garden has fruit that needs to be picked so hopefully that will suffice. If you're interested my local vineyard ( Kingscote ) is up for sale and includes an Elizabethan house/estate,hospitality barn and the Bluebell steam train runs through the grounds. Bargain at just £6.75 million so just thinking why they don't issue a retail bond !?
    As for partying-it's all over and done as the triple lock state pension is under review. !
    Yes take care all and guard your wallet.
  • Sussexmade, good that you are keeping well.
    I understand that the Mulberry fruit needs to be properly ripe before picking as unripe fruit and green parts of the plant have a white sap that may be toxic, stimulating, or mildly hallucinogenic!
    Always wanted a steam train running through my garden, so could be interested if my covid-19 investments come to fruition.
    Arjungaur, Haven't you promoted equity stocks for their superior returns, perhaps you could encourage an interest in NCYT; it even comes bubble-wrapped! The Daily Telegraph did an article last Saturday named "Bubble warning for healthcare stocks" With Arjungaur's help, you may get a new neighbour who likes steam trains!
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    Thank You for your update >>

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