• I shouldn't be posting this here but as some of you may have some of the new HBR shares exchanged for your PMO1s.

    The new HBR shares are doing well. FWIW, we have doubled up on what we received from the exchange plus a few more. Already very happy. As posted above from IC..

    """4 years of tax free production due to PMO's $4bn of U K tax losses

    Cash break even at $33 p.b.

    Divis could start next year""".

    Oil price $68 tonight and been quite firm of late. Some predict price to go higher.

    Apologies if I have offended anyone with this equities posting.

  • Hi Dandigirl, No offence taken just green with envy having sold my Premier bonds and shares when it all started getting too complicated!!!
  • I have emailed their investor.relations as I could not find confirmation of the implemented offer nor the new adjusted exercise price for the Premier Oil equity warrants that were issued in 2017
  • Just heard from HL that the exercise price of the options is now 40.17p. Presumably this will change again after the 1 for 20 consolidation due in June. The likelihood of the share price reaching this level by May 2022 is negligible.
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