On line bond trading

Are there brokers other than Interactive Investor where you can buy and sell Orb bond electronically as opposed to telephone dealing?


  • I should think most but definitely iDealing.
    Pretty sure Hargreaves Lansdown (I hold some in my account there so can't imagine why not, unless I transferred them in some time ago)
  • YouInvest still rely on the telephone for their dealing in bonds
    Would prefer if they did migrate to electronic trading, as this would make it easier
    Hopefully it will be sometime shortly!
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    Hopefully you folks can instead move to stock trading which is electronic everywhere now : )

    Bonds being higher up in capital structure have less volatility and with various maturities have limited liquidity all along the term structure, and then this becomes self-fulfilling prophecy, dealers don't want to provide liquidity as they get stuck with the inventory, i mean they were having liquidity problems with treasuries what with all these capital charges from new regulations
  • Selftrade (soon to renamed Eqi) allow online trading for most bonds. Youinvest said that their systems could not handle accrued interest, so you can only trade over the phone, although they only charge the online rate !
  • Yeah, they are rebranding, it's about time, talk about inertia, haha -

    Selftrade is soon to have a new name and look

    Selftrade will be renamed EQi

    The EQi name brings us closer to our parent brand, Equiniti, a FTSE 250 listed company which has owned Selftrade for five years.
  • Argungaur,
    "Hopefully you folks can instead move to stock trading which is electronic everywhere now : )",
    Occasionally we do take a punt or two, my last one was Novacyt (Ticker code NCYT)
    More than doubled in two weeks
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    No not punt, that you can do on any gambling site or your local bucket shops

    I am talking about market timing where you are increasing or decreasing your holdings re valuation, it's much harder to do in bonds vs stocks, i mean i keep hearing of yields too high or too low, so buy this bond or sell that bond, this is much harder with low vol illiquid bonds, but with high vol liquid stocks you can do the same based on earnings or multiples being too high to too low
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