Most on here appear to be pretty well informed and sophisticated but for anyone who isn't or maybe looking here for the first time please beware of adverts appearing on the interenet, particularly Google Ads, for high interest short term (2 years is common) bonds.

These claim to be issued by well known names such as Aviva, Co-Op Bank, Lloyds Bank, Sainsbury's Bank, Prudential etc. etc.) and claim to be FSCS protected. They haven't done a very good job of protecting investors caught up in the failed LCF bond.

Despite The Financial Conduct Authority having announced it was banning the mass marketing of mini-bonds to ordinary investors, the ban coming into force this month and remaining in place for at least 12 months while the FCA draws up permanent rules for the new sector. They seem unable to or not interested in closing down these ads. Several have appeared on Google Ads in the past few days.


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