Warehouse Reit

Has anyone got any comments on Warehouse Reits and Regional Reits? They seem very sound with good returns. Any comments would be gratefully received.
Many thanks


  • Hello Michael : My tuppence worth... Starting point: I like REITS, in principle. I begin by looking at what they invest in? I generally steer clear of retail, student and warehouses. Then where do they invest? I like London and the South East. Next up, yield - to be at least 4%. Track record; generally I prefer something that has been around awhile. Board make-up? I like to see bit of experience, a few grey hairs. Then whether the price is at a discount or premium. I like the idea that there may be some uplift so look for those at a discount, rather than a premium. Finally, the amount of debt - percentage to be on the low side. So based on the above I would not look at either Warehouse or Regional. However, having read a buy recommendation somewhere, I took a closer look at Regional and made an exception because most of the above were ticked and I thought I would go for a little diversification outside the M25 notwithstanding that a portion of the portfolio is light industrial. We bought a few a week or so ago. Hopefully, this helps. Good luck, whatever you do. d

  • why do you avoid warehouses?

    the existing discount is there for a reason, it can become even bigger discount in future?

    how much debt would be considered optimal?
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