• Hi Laughton, like you I have some Doric Air Three but at an average much higher levels than you paid- I think my average is 58.00 or so. Interestingly Emirates haven't called force majeure or even attempted to delay a payment.

    Another one I have is Alternative Income ( AIRE ) which are currently around 54/55p to buy. Divi target since float was 5.5p per share ( issued at 100 p-target 4 pays p.a. ) but the last divi was cut to 0.825p and went xd on 14/5/20. Based on that return on price is around 6.22pct. If/when things get back to half normal think divi will move up again to maybe 1.0 per share and then back to 5.5 p.a. I guess next divi anouncement due any day now.

    Happy hunting-it's not easy out there and most ORB bonds look probably about right now on price.
  • Hi sussexmade - but bear in mind with Doric Air Three that these are bound to drop in price each time a dividend is paid as they have a limited life and their only value at maturity is what the planes can be sold for. Having said that, market for thee planes seems to be reducing by the day so not sure what, if any, value the planes will have in the end.

    Good numbers today from One Savings Bank - more support for 1SBA.

    And numbers from the Provvy well received yesterday - so more support for PF21
  • Hello Laughton: Yes, the market liked OSB's statement. I topped up with 1SBA as I still think they will be redeemed next March when there is an opportunity at the next interest rate reset. Had to pay 89.5 this time. The scene has changed a lot since the reset of 1SBB last August. There is no longer any need to pay 3.4% plus for 5 year money. The link-up with Charter occurred last Autumn - I see they are offering 1.35% for 5 years money. A saving of 2% plus p.a. on £22m. All subject to regulatory approval, of course.
  • Also topped up with PF21 at a little below par as the capital is such that they should get through to 9/21 o.k. Moreover, the issue at £65m is manageable.
  • Comforting trading statement from PFG today.
  • dandigirl saw that update too. I have quite a lot of the 21's but no 23's that have ytm of 7% or so. Getting tempted to switch 21's in to 23's or may be hold the 21's to redemption and just buy 23's. Anyone feel strongly on this either way-maybe i'm missing something ( apart from another 2 years agony ! ).
  • I will start a new thread for PFG
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