AJ Bell (YouInvest)

AJ Bell has recently sent an email shot indicating they would like more feedback from their customers
"Your feedback is vitally important to us because it helps shape the services we offer."

I have asked them if they could provide on-line quotes & dealing for corporate bonds and other Fixed Income securities, instead of having to call them.
Other readers / users of this forum who are AJ Bell customers may wish to furnish similar requests to encourage them to make this investment


  • Good point. I am slowly migrating to AJB from still dreadful Barclays Smartinvestor. I have not seen (or have overlooked?) any emailshot from AJB. What date was it? Subject line? Thanks
  • After migrating from Barclays to HL, find myself in constant battle as to their poor provision of corporate bonds, so no better, probably worse than Bell. HL bond website is rarely updated, thus full of old illiquid bonds close to maturity. Despite several requests, answered by clerks in robotic fashion, HL do not bother to add more recent ones (admittedly mostly of 100k min. institutional type) so have to ask them each time, which then takes two days for them to come back, and mostly negative as they only deal "Crest" bonds. Waste of my time, realise now how good the old Barclays was, and not sure where to migrate to next, considering cost and hassle.
  • Fang, I'm with Saga share direct (for the over 50s) who are administered by Equiniti. No complaints with them. They send me a regular update of bonds.
  • I am with Selftrade/Equiniti and have same experience as Colin above

  • HB1, Email sent 6th Jan - Subject Line "Welcome to 2019"
  • Thanks for suggesting Selftrade. Checked with them and they would also only trade corporate bonds that are in the Crest system. Limits the choice quite severely, as is the case with HL.
  • A bit late to this , but selftrade are a real pain with insistence on crest settlement I could not transfer all my holdings to them as a result , ABell I have found pretty useless for both size and range of online quotes , your only choice seems to be a full service broker all of whom now have a few hundred pounds a year account maintenance fee and without the convenience of online trading , although the one I used did give excellent service , I only left because I was a buy and hold type client on fixed interest and the 800 pounds across the two accounts eat into the fixed income too much .

    A few moans at seltrade as well as bell would do no harm , of course nothing will change because as with most these days they know best .
  • Same with HL, Simon. They also insist on "Crest" so most corporate bonds cannot be traded in my SIPP with them. Worse, the mighty HL cannot be bothered to update their bond website to include whatever more recent bond issues one could buy. Instead full of old, illiquid bonds, close to maturity or at absurd ( 120+) prices. When you finally buy a bond that suits, chances are that they value it at the wrong price and will not correct this, blaming the problem on "third party advisors". Have had that problem now for over six months, and they will not address this. Will now transfer back to where I came from (Barclays) at the earliest opportunity, whatever the shortcomings there. At least you could buy bonds there with ease, and at fair prices.
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