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  • Hi I would value your comments. I'm looking for and advisory stockbrokers that are bit of a specialist in fixed interest (& Reits). What would be a reasonable charge for looking after the portfolio and advising? (£0.75M). Look forward to your comments.
  • Ramsay Crookall may be worth investigating. Put them ( or any other broker) on the spot as to their knowledge of credit risk and covenants, may fall at either of these hurdles. No idea as to fees, but beating mind low yields, should not exceed fraction of 1%, which may not be what is on offer.
  • Thank you - very helpful. I'll check them out.
  • The mighty HL makes no attempt to improve their bond selection on their platform, despite several attempts to get them to become more pro-active. More than half of the bonds shown are either close to maturity, vastly over par or otherwise illiquid or of dubious credit credentials. Info given does not include call features and floating rate applied if not called, nor rating or coupon frequency. Call that customer service?
  • That's why I had 2 platforms, iDealing and Barclays. IDealing for my money, and it's not much of it, punch above their weight for bonds and when you call them about something you get a straight and always helpful answer. Have been gradually moving equities to the iDealing ISA as well since the dividend tax allowance has been cut drastically. Trouble is that it uses up the ISA allowance. Can't have it all I guess
    BTW now on my 4th formal complaint to Barclays and so far they have never failed to pay compensation on each

  • The woeful story that is HL continues apace. Regarding a large position of a liquid corporate bond held in my SIPP, they have, for two weeks now got a wrong valuation (265 vs 104) completely messing up my portfolio total. After three reminders the blame continues to be on the "3rd party supplier", utterly shambolic. A junior clerk sends me for the umpteenth time this bland explanation. That is presumably how they get to be so profitable- have lousy low cost staff and suppliers. Barclays were immeasurably better, hopefully will return to them once they have overcome their difficulties.
  • Have any users of HL found its improved since this subject was last visited ? I left them couple years ago due to fees and bond service. But now reconsidering for broker credit risk diversification
  • This Fang guy stopped complaining, so maybe there is some hope : )
  • arjunguar - That's not very pleasant. You perhaps should have a moment or two of self reflection before you offer an apology.
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    Fang guy's constant complaining was not very pleasant. You perhaps should have a moment or two of self reflection before you solicit an apology from this Fang guy too.

    I, of course apologise, two biggest barriers everyone faces - our ego and blind spot barriers -

  • …ummm…

    I feel confident that the above “apology” was intended to be anything but.

    The phrases “Fang guy's” and “this Fang guy” can only be interpreted as being intentionally derogatory.

    I am sure arjunguar would not take kindly to being repeatedly referred to as “that arjunguar fella” which is only one small step from “that arjunguar pillock”.

    Meanwhile Fang has been very noisily silent. He appears to be using the Jay Powell approach to dealing with bully boy tactics which is treating them with quiet disdain.

    Q: Mr. Trump has been a vocal critic of you and your colleagues, recently calling you boneheads and just now called you a terrible communicator. How do you respond to these criticisms.…?

    A: I don't, I won't change my practice today of not responding to comments or making comments to elected officials.

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    how did you conclude that the above 'apology' was intended to be anything but?

    Yes, 'Fang guy' was meant to undermine him/her, his/her constant complaining was the root cause : )

    i would actually prefer 'this arjungaur motherfucker' or 'this arjungaur cocksucker', i am very secure ; )

    you are using Jay Powell as communication role model, really?! this Powell guy ends up with foot in his mouth every time he tries to communicate to the market, it's such a let down, bring back Janet, make America great again

    Q: Mr. Trump has been a vocal critic of you and your colleagues, recently calling you boneheads and just now called you a terrible communicator. How do you respond to these criticisms.…?

    Janet: I do, I would take into consideration all incoming information.

    So while boneheaded Powell is busy responding terribly to the question, lady Janet is completely rejecting the premise of it which would lead all the audience including Trump giggling -

    the above link makes me think Fang guy is him and not her, duh, probably the same for this roger guy …ummm…
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    btw, the fang guy has been silent as he is big swinging dick busy doing institutional size of >100k and complaining to small-ball brokers who are too small to handle his gigantic order size

    meanwhile chump changers like us are wasting time on this irrelevant forum for old skool farts, banging heads with each other over completely pointless stuff, he said, she said, nobody cares
  • If this is an irrelevant forum to you , what are you doing on it. ???
  • chump changers like us are wasting time banging heads with each other over completely pointless stuff, he said, she said, nobody cares
  • A Wikipedia definition: “A straw man is a form of argument and an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent. One who engages in this fallacy is said to be attacking a straw man.”

    Arjunguar has produced a perfect example of this. My Q and A quote was entirely about Jay Powell’s method of dealing with bully boy tactics. It had nothing what so ever to do with whether Powell is a good or dreadful communicator.

    In my experience when cyber-bullies are even slightly challenged they can become extremely niggled and resort to straw man arguments. They show aggressiveness and bring out the foulest of language.

    We appear to have here reached that stage so I am taking the Jay Powell approach and will have nothing further to say on this matter.

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    Your Q&A quote was apparently meant to be an inspiring eg on how to deal with thoughtful disagreements, one which you now are running towards like a common coward, my response was not a straw man, but an explanation of why this approach is terrible, in fact, i went one step forward and presented a Janet approach to this, why don't you try that for a change, you'll find it much more effective -

    You seem to have lot of experience with cyber-bullies, maybe you are the one who is bit cyber-sensitive : ) and obviously become easily niggled and start dreaming up straw man arguments/aggressiveness/foul language, relax guy, have a pint at JDW -

    'We appear' appears like a straw man argument, talk about yourself, don't start representing others just because 'you' don't know how to deal with thoughtful disagreements -

  • And so, back to the original thread……

    I have before mentioned Interactive Investor on this forum as being worthy of consideration: No advice but competent execution including with bonds.

    I recently read an article about them emphasising that they were now no longer just a small fish. They have greatly expanded partly by acquisition and partly through organic growth triggered by competitive pricing.

    Originally my wife’s account was with TD Waterhouse and she have been happy to stick with II since their purchase of TD Direct. I moved mine to them from Barclays. It is well worth having a look at them to see if they would suit you.

    Nothing to do with bonds but I have just invested in the IPO trust JPMorgan Global Core Real Assets and II are adding some bonus shares to the total.
  • where are the results posted for this jara issuance, how much bonus shares did ii provide you, are those funded by ii through their marketing budget
  • looks like ii passed on their own 0.5% fees from the issuer to the investor as a bonus -
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