Are you feeling bullish or bearish?

There has been a lot of talk in the last few weeks about a thirty year bull market being on its last legs.

I was tickled by a comment on the Bloomberg Fixed Income programme (Fridays 5.30) by David Ader of Informa Financial Intelligence:

It could be a bond bear market but it’s going to be more, I think, of a teddy bear than a grizzly bear.


  • I have thought about the implications for my Vanguard life strategy 60% but I am less worried about ORB bonds, I assume if you hold them to maturity they would be unaffected over the long term.
  • Watch this video....

    granted its US & equity centric but makes the point that you really must screen out all the chatter/predictions and guru nonsense. Important to stick to what the market is actually doing.

    On the bond side I am not seeing any deterioration in ORB prices for my albeit limited holdings so I just keep holding them - people saying the bond markets been ripe for a bear for years now, in the meantime people holding keep collecting the divis
    . One of them will eventually be right but does that make them a guru (I think not)
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