Aberdeen Latin American Income ALAI

This is an investment trust trading at around a 10% discount to net asset value, 60% invested in Latin American sovereign and corporate bonds (the remaining 40% in equities), paying over 7% at current prices. I got in at issue a few years ago, when the yield was just 4.25% and got out at a profit after it started trading at a premium. I have been buying back in recently as the discount to NAV has opened up and the yield has increased. Being an investment trust there is leverage, which accentuates gains / losses but I think it represents a good risk at the moment. Any thoughts?


  • It looks good value and would certainly add some diversification to my current holdings. However, it's on a long term downtrend and I usually prefer to see solid reversal of this kind of thing before diving in, even if it means losing some yield
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